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directed by Pleix

Digital artists, warm, human, diverse, eclectic and inspirational, to serve the best original and exciting ideas. 

Pleix is a virtual community of digital artists based in Paris. 

They create technically ambitious projects, always with the aim of bringing a warm and human direction to the image. Pleix’s multiple and diverse abilities are clearly showcased in their eclectic and inspirational reel, their films for Lexus ‘Poise’, Mini ‘Reaction Chain’ and their multi award winning film for Amnesty International ‘The Death Penalty’ are the best examples of their ability to blend and push craft techniques with innovative and exciting ideas. 

They’ve also worked on more in camera work. With pieces of work such as the Mazda ‘Hands’, Mobil ‘Car Fu’ or Sony ‘HD test’, bringing their French humor or poetry to every single image. 

Pleix love to surprise and be surprised. And so do we.